(Page updated 20 July 2016)

Waste and Recycling

Uplift of Bulky Items

Residents can arrange a special uplift for bulky items online or by phoning 0131 529 3030. Collection of re-usable furniture and white goods can be arranged by contacting the national re-use phone line on 0800 0665 820.

Waste Collections

Information on waste collections for household rubbish, garden and food bin collection can be obtained here.

Information on bins and recycling can be obtained from here.  

Information can also be obtained through a new website http://www.greenboxday.co.uk/ which facilitates reminders to put out your recycling and other household waste for collection.

Waste factsheets available at waste education resources web page.  

Red/Blue Box Calendars: Calendars for the red and blue box collections are available online this year.

Calendars have been posted only to those with assisted collections. In recognition of the fact that more people have access to the web and to help drive down the amount of paper and costs involved with distributing more than 140,000 calendars each year, the CEC Waste Services have added the red and blue box calendar to their list of online information sheets. In addition, they offer a link on their website to Green Box Day so that residents can get reminders of their next collection for garden waste and red and blue boxes. Waste Services will continue to send out calendars to those residents that received help with their collections (called an assisted collection) and anyone who still wishes to have a paper copy of the calendar, can contact them either by email or by calling 0131 529 3030. There is a directory for the red and blue boxes here: http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/redandblueboxdays which lists the collection dates.

New kerbside service

·         From September 2014, in phases until September 2015
·         Changing to wheelie bin and box for recycling
·         New slimmer wheelie bin for landfill waste
·         Existing bin will become recycling bin


·         More capacity for recycling
·         Fewer items to sort
·         Accept more items
·         To reach 50% recycling rate by 2015

What will go where?

Green bin

·         Paper, cardboard, empty aerosols, food and drink cans, clean foil, plastic bottles, envelopes and pots, tubs and trays.

Ø  Pots e.g. yoghurt pots
Ø  Tubs e.g. ice cream or margarine tubs
Ø  Trays e.g. ready meal trays

Blue box

·         Glass bottles and jars, batteries,
·         small electrical items, textiles

Service easier to Use

·         Collections will be on the same day of the week
·         One week it will be general waste and food
·         The next week it will be recycling bin and box, garden and food

Monday - Week 1

Monday - Week 2






Recycling Bin


Recycling Box

Although we have to be cautious so early into the new system, we are finding that recycling tonnages over the first few weeks have risen by around 40-50% on average. We think more people are now recycling their waste.

It is far too soon to say this will be the same in every area, but it does suggest perhaps both that more people are recycling, and that people who do recycle are also recycling more of their waste?

Actions to Support or Promote Recycling in the Pentland Area

  • The current system comprises of the red and blue boxes. There is more information on the link below:


  • A map is provided at the link below showing the street names that are changing over in phase two, :


  • Groups within the Pentland area such as schools, community groups, youth groups, church groups and families can visit the CEC's Waste Education Cabin to learn why it’s important to reduce, reuse and recycle. They can accommodate groups of up to 15. Visits can be booked on the link below:


  • Invite a Recycling representative to community events so they can give talks on recycling in Edinburgh. They have interactive games that internalise recycling messages that is suitable for all ages.
  • Let the CEC Waste Recycling Service know about any avenue to get information to the wider public, places where we can put up posters and give contacts in local papers/newsletters where they can place articles about recycling.
  • Report issues to the city council at any time by calling 0131 529 3030 or emailing waste@edinburgh.gov.uk so it can be recorded and dealt with appropriately.
  • Last but not the least; let the Waste Recycling Service know of any areas of concerns where you need its support to increase access to recycling facilities.


Date of next meeting: 28 January 2019 at 6.00 pm
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