Doorstep Crime

As part of their continuing action against Doorstep Crime, The Trading Standards team at City of Edinburgh Council would like to remind residents of the services which may be of use to them, and the other areas which we cover.

The Trading Standards Team discourage residents from contracting with cold callers at the door, and along with their partners in Police Scotland urge residents to be cautious when dealing with any doorstep callers.

  • Check ID
  • Use door chains or bars
  • Close the door when you are making telephone calls to check ID.
  • DO NOT call mobile numbers (Starting 07...) to verify ID.

If you are in any doubt regarding the person, then call Police Scotland on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

The Trading Standards Team advise that you get multiple quotes for work from traders that you trust – Do not engage someone who has called at your door saying that your property needs work.

Some residents can also take advantage of the Care & Repair scheme: 0131 220 7630 and the Garden Aid Scheme: 0131 529 7881 or email

Essential contract information leaflets are available here, which detail what you should establish for many home maintenance contracts. For large projects you should ensure that you engage with a professional who is able to provide the necessary expertise.

No Cold Calling Zones can be set up in suitable locations, with agreement from the majority of residents. This indicates to those who would wish to call at your door that you do not accept cold callers, and repeated violations of this can constitute a criminal offence. More details are available here, and we can supply stickers and signs as required.

We also provide updates to our partners at Neighbourhood Watch Scotland. You may wish to consider whether your area would benefit from a neighbourhood watch.

Members of our team are happy to receive any information which you believe may be of use in targeting criminal activity. We routinely target the activities relating to Doorstep Crime, Counterfeit tobacco and alcohol and Product Safety. If you have any information which you believe may be of use please get in touch –

You can get further information about Trading Standards here.

Information courtesy of CEC Trading Standard Team
page created 06 February 2014



Scottish Water has also issued a reminder to their customers to follow their Card, Check and Call advice to stop bogus callers.

With the dark winter nights here, and their staff taking thousands of water samples from customers across the country, they are advising people how to recognise a genuine Scottish Water employee from a bogus caller when we turn up at their door. Click here to get further information.

Information courtesy of Scottish Water
inserted 20 December 2015

Date of next meeting: 25 June 2018 at 6.00 pm
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