Have Your Say on Edinburgh’s Domestic Abuse Services

The City of Edinburgh Council is reviewing how its services respond to domestic abuse.  They want to hear from services users about their experiences of services to:

  • find out how helpful they have been
  • see how they can be improved
  • make sure they work well together

They are carrying out three focus groups for women who have experienced domestic abuse. The results will help to plan services which work for everyone.   They would be grateful to hear from services users. If you have been affected by domestic abuse and are prepared to be involved it would be really appreciated.

27 September 2016

1500– 1630

7 October 2016

1000– 1130

25 October 2016

1830– 2000

Leith Community Centre               

12a Newkirkgate



Gate 55

55 Sighthill Road                        


EH11 4PB

Gilmerton Community Centre

4 Drum Street


EH17 8QG

If you are interested in attending these events, please email domestic.abuse@edinburgh.gov.uk stating which groups you are interested in. Let us know if you have any particular requirements. To find out more or how you, or your service users can be involved in focus groups, please email domestic.abuse@edinburgh.gov.uk



Speak Up - Speak Out

It has now become widely recognised that domestic violence is a significant public issue and not merely a private matter between individuals. This shift in the perception of domestic violence has led to an acknowledgement that responsibility for addressing such incidents belongs to the entire community.

Domestic abuse tends not to be a one off but an ongoing series of incidents, which if allowed to go unchecked leads to permanent physical and/or mental trauma for the victims and can have fatal consequences. This page provides information on where to look for help, whether you are an abused person or know of someone that you are concerned about.

Domestic violence and abuse is when someone exerts power and control over another person within a close relationship. Abuse can be:

  • physical
  • emotional power and control
  • psychological
  • sexual
  • financial
  • social (enforced isolation)

........ and it can affect anyone who is in a relationship; men or women, married or unmarried, straight or gay. Sometimes domestic violence and abuse can also involve the wider family.

The local authority, in partnership with other local and national agencies, has issued a statement of commitment to tackle domestic abuse and wider forms of gender based violence. This Multi-Agency Domestic Abuse Policy supports and is supported by other wider policies on tackling such abuses.

The Partnership organisations and voluntary services are all increasing aware of the trauma caused by domestic and other forms of abuse and are trying to take the necessary actions to protect and support those who suffer from this horrendous crime.


The link below is to the local authority service providing support for those who are seeking help, facilitating access to national and local agencies qualified to deal with such matters. These agencies specialise in providing support but are powerless to take action unless you are prepared to speak up and speak out. A note of caution if you are at risk of harm – be careful when you use the internet that you do not leave a trail of the websites that you have visited.


Date of next meeting: 28 January 2019 at 6.00 pm
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