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  • NHS Community Development Worker
  • Welfare Benefit Advice Sessions
  • Alcoholics-Anonymous Support
  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Life Time - a counselling Service for adults

NHS Community Development Worker

Unfortunately due to funding cuts our NHS Community Development Worker (CDW) service for this area has been lost.  Provisions are being made for the service to be shared and a worker from another area will take on the responsibility.  Contact details will be updated as soon as possible.   The CDW service provides support for local people affected directly or indirectly by mental health issues, to help challenge discrimination and stigma as well as promoting mental wellbeing across the area.

CDWs can answer any questions you might have about mental health or any other well-being concerns and can tell you about local services that are available in your area.

  • Help you to access mental health services appropriate to your needs
  • Ensure your cultural needs are met when accessing statutory services
  • Provide you with a range of self-help materials that can help with milder forms of anxiety, depression and stress
  • Provide links to agencies who can help you with employment, benefits, childcare and education
    Provide training/workshops regarding mental health to Black & Minority Ethnic and voluntary organisations
  • Start groups/clubs to address any issues

Welfare Benefit Advice Sessions

The South West Outreach Project (SWOP) service offering face to face welfare benefit advice for registered social/private landlord tenants at Oxgangs Library every Thursday has ceased to operate.

However, the Advice Shop run a drop in at Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre on Fridays between 11am and 1pm. They provide welfare rights advice and help with benefits.   Clients can either just drop in or can book an appointment by phoning 0131 200 2360 or emailing

The Advice Shop is run by Edinburgh City Council and provides a range of welfare rights and debt advice to help people maximise their income and deal with money problems.

They provide:

  • debt advice, support to deal with credit card debts, bank loans, rent arrears.
  • Welfare Rights Service, assistance to increase income through welfare benefits and deal with disputes with the DWP.
  • Macmillan Benefit Advisers, support to access income to manage the additional costs of cancer.

Al-Anon Meetings

A new alcoholics support group are starting up in the Oxgangs Neighbour Centre, 71 Firrhill Drive.  The meetings are starting on Friday, 30 August 2013 from 7pm to 8pm each week.  Al-Anon is a self help group for friends and families of alcoholics. Al-Anon is an anonymous fellowship helping the families and friends of alcoholics recover from the disease of alcoholism where people can come and share in complete safety, whatever is shared stays within the room.

Macmillan Cancer Support

If you are affected by cancer and need advice on benefits you should contact Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Centre. Details attached here.

Life Time - a counselling service for adults

What is Life Time?

Life time is a free, one to one counselling service for any adult (18+) who lives in EH13. People come to counselling for many different reasons such as when they are:

  •  Feeling anxious or stressed
  •  Feeling low and finding it difficult to cope.
  •  Concerned about how angry they get about things.
  •  Coming to terms with bereavement and loss
  •  Relationship issues and difficulties

Life time is a confidential service. Nothing you say in a session will be discussed with others unless it is felt you are at risk of serious harm or at risk of harming others.

The Counsellor at Oxgangs Care

My name is Debbie Hind. I have a diploma in Person Centred Counselling, and have several years experience of working as a counsellor with adults. I follow the ethical frameworks of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I am supervised by Christine Ritchie who is a BACP accredited supervisor.

How does Counselling work?

As a person-centred counsellor, I am trained to offer you a space in which you can 

  • Feel listened to and understood.
  • Explore issues in your life without feeling pressured or judged.
  • Connect with your ability to make changes in your life.

I believe that you are the expert in your own life and that counselling can help empower you to make changes that you would like to see in your life.

How do Sessions work?

If you would like to come to counselling, please contact Oxgangs Care: Tel: 0131 445 3332

We can arrange to meet for an introductory session. This will be your chance to get to know more and decide whether or not you would like to continue. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss what issues you would like to bring to our sessions and how many sessions you feel you might need.

Sessions last around 50 minutes once a week usually on the same day and at the same time.

The sessions are your space and so you control what we talk about and how much you want to talk.


The Lifetime counselling service is delivered by Oxgangs Care and supported by Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership.  It is funded by a Early Intervention Grant from the City of Edinburgh Council's Children and Families Department.

Where are sessions held?

The Oxgangs Care Office,
12 Firrhill Neuk,
EH13 9FF
(Shown on the map)



Debbie Hinds





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