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Useful Info

Transport: this sub page gives information on local transport as well as contact information for other forms of transportation within Edinburgh and beyond.

Police: this sub page provides information on local Policing within the area as well as contact numbers for other Police departments, including Lost Property.

Counselling Services: this sub page provides information on counselling services that are available within the area

Doorstep Crime: this sub page provides advice and actions that can be taken to protect yourself from this type of crime.

Waste and Recycling: this sub page provides information on waste and recycling services that are available within the area.

Politicians: for contact details and times of surgeries for local Councillors, MSP, MP and MEP's, please go to the About us / People page.

Information Bulletin: This publication provides information about North and South Edinburgh Public Partnership Forums and city wide networks.  It is divided into 7 sections

  1. Classes, Courses, Training, Support and Publications
  2. Events, Fairs, Community Days and Seminars
  3. Health Service / Statutory Agency / Government - documents and information
  4. Strategies, Consultations, Campaigns and Websites
  5. Organisations, Groups, Networks and Charities - news and information
  6. Funding Opportunities and Grants
  7. Useful Websites and Contacts

Sources of Funding:

The City of Edinburgh Local Community Planning Team provide a service to help community organisations find external funding and provide frequent updates on sources of external funding for projects and local activities, as and when this becomes available. They also arrange 'Meet the Funders' events that give small local projects the opportunity to talk to funders about their idea. For further details go to their website: http://www.edinburghnp.org.uk/about-nps/funding/external-funding-updates/.

If your group would like to speak to someone for further information or suggestions on the kinds of funding you may be eligible for please contact Maureen Thompson, Local Community Planning Team, City of Edinburgh Council, on 0131 469 3595 or email Maureen Thompson.   A copy of their latest newsflash is attached here - December 2014

You can also access information on funding sources at Edinburgh4Community and you can follow this link to see a short film on how easy it is to do a search:


CoSLA's Stop Loan Sharks Campaign - Press Release

  Loan Shark Flyer      

The campaign invites community workers, agencies, families, friends and even victims to pass on information, in confidence, to ensure that illegal money lenders can be shut down. The campaign has a phone number, text service and website to help people report loan sharks and will be promoted through washroom posters, bus shelters and radio adverts across Scotland. 

Visit our
Welfare Reform pages and bank of resources you can use - Share your resources too!

 Loan Shark Flyer     


Applying for a Crisis Grant: Families in severe crisis can apply for a grant from the Scottish Welfare Fund  either via the website or by telephoning 0131 529 5299

Child Care: a Toddler Group has been established within the area for Registered Childminders and Parents/Carers. Meets in Colinton Mains Community Education Centre, 1 Firrhill Loan, on Mondays from 1.15 - 2.45 pm. An opportunity for anyone looking after a toddler to come along and chat with other adults while the children play together - either in the hall or in the safe outside play area. Phone 'Susan' on 0131-477-6185 for more information.

Leisure Activities: Carpet Bowls group meet in Colinton Mains Community Education Centre on Mondays, from 3.30 to 5.30 pm.  This is a group which enjoys a laugh and a natter (as well as bowling!).  For more information phone 'Bina' on 0131-441-7991. 

Date of next meeting: 25 June 2018 at 6.00 pm
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