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Information for the over 65s at Oxgangs Library
Free Wi-Fi at Oxgangs Library
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Oxgangs PS

Oxgangs Primary School

We recently reported there had been a couple of minor incidents at the school, one involving the partial collapse of a suspended ceiling in an occupied class room and the other concerning a loose cladding on the roof. Oxgangs Primary Parent Community have published Amey's report into this incident and can be viewed here.

Neither incident involved casualties but add to the concerns many parents have regarding the quality standard of this building. The City of Edinburgh Council have published the following independent reports covering the two incidents:

An Audit carried out by Dennis Raeburn & Nicola Fraser from the Council's Health and Safety Team has also been published.

The collapse of an external wall at the school in January 2016 and the subsequent enquiry into the incident obviously raised peoples concerns about the safety of the school building.  These two new reports will do little to alleviate those concerns.  It is seriously concerning that a building which was reported to have undergone a major inspection after the 2016 incident should now be found to have such defects.  It appears that the problems of poor quality construction and poor quality supervision of construction, referred to in the February 2017 Enquiry, should now be extended to include poor quality inspections and where does that leave us?

Oxgangs Spring Clean

The Locality Office appreciate people in Oxgangs care for their area and want to support you to get off to a good start this year.

Free Disposal of Large Items put in Waste Cage at OXGANGS GROVE.

We are pleased to advise you that Waste has agreed to provide a large cage on both the 23 April and the 24 April for residents to dispose of their large items and waste FREE of the usual charge, but it is only for these 2 days from about 9am to 2pm. The cages will be located in the large car park off Oxgangs grove, located on the map overleaf. Please make use of this short amnesty! The cages can’t take fridges and freezers, so please leave them outside the cages, but nearby.

Braid Burn Tidy.

We are also proposing a litter pick along part of the Braid burn on Tuesday the 24th April, meeting outside the Oxgangs Neighbourhood Centre at 10.30am. Please come along if you are interested in giving us a hand. The wardens will provide the litter picks, but please bring your enthusiasm and wellies.

If you wish to discuss the Spring Clean further, please contact myself, Carol Duncan, team leader, on 527 3836 or Carol Robertson, housing officer, on 527 3895 or Derek Colligan, housing officer, on 527 3839 or Monika Kasprzyk, housing officer, on 529 7189.

The Cheyne Gang logo

Community Singing Groups for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and other chronic lung conditions.

Come and join one of our sessions and feel the benefit of our breathing exercises, singing, great company, tea and cakes!

We meet during the day on Mondays - times vary depending on venue

~ No auditions ~ No singing experience necessary ~


Oxgangs: - St Johns Colinton Mains Parish Church

223 Oxgangs Road North,

EH13 9ED


Contact us for more information:

Anne Ritchie 07769322583                  Jaci Cunningham 07763126789

Sandra Simkin 07971046771           Pauline Waugh 07546244466

Sarah Marshall      07784267894

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University of Edinburgh research participants needed

Changeworks has partnered with the University of Edinburgh to deliver IDEAL, a cutting edge research project exploring how smart technology can help save energy in the home. They are looking for Edinburgh households (EH1-17) with gas combi boiler heating to participate.

The benefits include:

·        Gaining insight into your home energy use

·        Receiving a free android tablet used to display energy use information

·        Receiving tailored advice from University of Edinburgh experts

Hopefully saving money on gas and electricity bills

For more information visit changeworks.org.uk/projects/ideal

To get involved email your name, address, and contact details to IDEAL@changeworks.org.uk, or call 0131 539 8610

For Leaflet click HERE.

Information for the over 65s at Oxgangs Library

Community Navigator comes to Oxgangs!

As our situation changes we need different things in our life. Often these are new to us and might be daunting. Health in Mind’s Community Navigator project helps people over 65 break down jargon about different services and get information about support and what’s on.

You can look out for our Community Navigator Emma at Information Stations in Oxgangs Library on Tuesday mornings, 10.00am – 12.00noon. Anyone can drop in during these times and browse the information available.

We can also do additional research into a topic for you or a friend or relative.

In the new year we will also make ‘postage paid’ envelopes available in the community so people can make enquiries from the comfort of their homes. Why not drop into the library say hello?

To print out a copy of the poster, click here


Free Wi-Fi on offer at Oxgangs Library

Library users will be able to browse the web and download e-books to their own mobile devices for free as part of a wi-fi roll-out across all of Edinburgh’s libraries.  Wireless internet has been installed in the capital’s 28 public libraries, meaning visitors can bring laptops, smartphones and tablets to use the services on offer. Free wi-fi, which will be available from Monday 9 December, will make internet access easier for members of the public, who can now choose between using library computers and their own devices.

As well as browsing the web from the comfort of their local library hub, members can use wi-fi to connect to a wide selection of online library services including language learning and driving theory test practise, or download an ebook to read or listen to on their smartphone or tablet.  Each month around 8500 e-books and e-magazines are downloaded from Edinburgh City Libraries' increasingly popular selection of titles.  Find out more about what’s on offer from your local library

Oxgangs Care

Oxgangs Care are a local community-based, community-led voluntary organisation about to open a new Older People's Centre in Oxgangs Avenue for people in Oxgangs and surrounding areas who are at risk of social isolation.

The Centre will be based in a ground-floor, fully accessible two apartment flat, which will provide cosy domestic surroundings in which older people can meet, socialise and share common interests while taking part in a range of activities. The idea is to provide opportunities for older people and their carers that will help them to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

We are keen that the activities we organise at the Centre will be the sorts of things people would be interested in coming along to. So we have put together a short survey to find out what local people think. It doesn't take long to complete and it would be a great help to us if you could take five minutes or so to fill in the following questionaire. The survey is anonymous and the results will be used solely to help us decide what sorts of thing we can do at the Centre.  Here is the link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CQGMFC8.

Date of next meeting: 28 January 2019 at 6.00 pm
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