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The role of any Community Council is to "ascertain the views of the community which it represents", whether in response to a specific consultation or more generally on matters of interest or concern to them as individuals or as part of a group.  Community Councils provide a forum through which the views of residents and businesses located within the area can be expressed to the local authority and other public bodies and also facilitate consultation on matters affecting the community. 

The purpose of this page is to facilitate the recording of such expressions and responses through the electronic media and is in addition to other means of communication, such as by telephone, letter or by your presence at one of our meetings.  Use of this method enables views to be expressed openly and in turn may generate further responses, however the Community Council reserve the right to delete comments where they are deemed unsuitable. 

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Posted by Jim Napier on 22/04/2018   Email

In response to Ann Marris, my apologies for omitting to update the website information. The Community Council were notified of the revised application and will be discussing it at their meeting tomorrow (23rd April at 6.00pm).

Posted by Ann Marris on 22/04/2018

I am concerned that the FCC website is not showing the latest plans to build on the Hunters tryst school. New notifications were issued on the 28th March 2018 to build 79 flats and 6 houses following rejection of the previous proposal These need to be discussed at the monthly meeting on the 23rd April but you do not appear to have been notified . The council planning reference is 18/01055/FUL The closing date for objections is 27th April. I have notified Jason Rust accordingly. Please let me know if this application will be discussed by you asap. There was a previous objection from the council and the new proposal has actually increased the resident total and density which is detrimental to the local amenity.

Date of next meeting: 25 June 2018 at 6.00 pm
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