Oxgangs Path : Sale of Land

The combined sites of the former Social Work Centre & St John's Parish Church at Oxgangs Path, has been put up for sale with a closing date for offers of 29th November 2013.

The planning information given at the time stated:

"The Edinburgh City Local Plan identifies the site as being within the Urban Area. A comprehensive development of the site will be required. This should contain community uses. A mix of community uses and residential is likely to be preferred. A retail proposal for the site may be acceptable in principle if it can comply with all aspects of Policy Ret 5 relating to Out of Centre development. Part of the site falls within an area of designated open space and any loss of this space will be measured against Policy OS1. Any design proposals for the site are required to be informed by an urban analysis which must include the wider area to ensure comprehensive development, in particular with neighbouring buildings and public open space. This information will be required in support of any bid for the site. Gross Site Area 0.466 Hectares (1.15 acres)
Offers are invited for the heritable interest of both properties with the benefit of vacant possession. A single price should be submitted for the combined sites. The vendors are particularly interested in offers incorporating a profit share/overage payment and/or clawback agreement, all of which will depend on the structure of the offer received. It should be noted that the price stated in any offer will be deemed to be net of any cost deductions. For the avoidance of doubt no discussions with any preferred bidder will be entered into regarding deductions from the original offer price for demolition, ground conditions, S75 contributions etc. In order for the vendors to assess and evaluate offers, bids must include: a. concept drawings, including any proposed demolition and new build on site; b. timing of the development programme; c. dates for capital receipt to the Council and Church of Scotland; d. detailed timescales for purification of any suspensive conditions; e. any other relevant considerations; f. proof of funding. It should be noted that the Council and Church of Scotland are required to obtain the best possible price in any disposal."

The preferred bidder is ALDI whose offer for the combined site includes the amenity open space at the rear of the social work site. The City of Edinburgh Council Finance and Resources Committee have already deemed this land as surplus to requirements and therefore on the market for sale.

At its meeting on 17 January 2013 the Finance and Resources Committee deferred a report on the Use of Surplus Council Land at Oxgangs Brae to its next meeting. Approval was sought to declare the former Oxgangs Social Work Centre together with an adjacent area of Housing Revenue Account (HRA) land surplus. The options for the future use of this land would be considered prior to the preparation of a local development plan and disposal of the site. It should be noted that the amenity land highlighted on the plan attached to the report is that area of grass land that runs from the boundary of the Social Work site to the edge of the new footpath, which runs from approximately half way along the original path down to Oxgangs Brae near the Broadway and providing a less steep incline for those with mobility problems.

It did not include the path or the grassed area between that path and the original path.

The report also refers to an extensive consultation on the sale of the HRA land was conducted in March 2012 and as a result of that consultation, a petition containing 150 signatures was received, objecting to the land being used for housing development. At its meeting on 21 February 2013 the Finance and Resources Committee revisited the report on the Use of Surplus Council Land at Oxgangs Brae and decided to 1) agree that the land at Oxgangs Brae be declared surplus to requirements of the Council and the HRA and 2) note that options would be considered for the development of the land in consultation with the local community and its elected members.

Date of next meeting: 28 January 2019 at 6.00 pm
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