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No. 18 Bus Service

15 January 2013: the Transport and Environment Committee were presented with proposals for 'Enhancing Bus Network Links to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh' by Mark Turley, Director of Services for Communities.  The proposal is to extend the route to join the new Public Link Route to Greendykes.  This proposal was only brought to the Community Council's attention 5 days before it went to the Committee, however if it was extended to Fort Kinnaird Shopping Centre and Queen Margaret College, this would attract more users and thus arguably an improved service.  A copy of the proposal document is attached here


10 May 2011: the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment Committee agreed the renewal of contract for the No 18 supported bus service.  The results of the tendering process for the renewal of the contract covering the off-peak and weekend operation of bus service 18 were award the contract to First Scotland East as detailed below.  The remainder of the service would continue to be provided by Lothian Buses.


  1. To award a new contract to First Scotland East for the service, at £1,530 per week, from Monday 1 August 2011 to Sunday 2 August 2015, with the option of extending for two further 12-month periods by mutual agreement.
  2. To note the concerns expressed by members of the Committee and a local ward member and agree to a further report being submitted after three months of the contract (November 2011) providing:
    • an update on how the service was operating, to include reference to all the points raised by the Committee (including monitoring of the contract, integrated ticketing, bus tracker/information panels, DDA compliance);
    • details of the procurement process for subsidised service provision, including what could and could not be included in future tender documents.

(Reference – report by the Director of City Development)

Councillor Elaine Aitken was heard as a local ward member and a number of concerns were expressed by the Committee in connection with a service operated by two different companies.

Revised Timetable from 3rd April 2011

Date of next meeting: 26 November 2018 at 6.00 pm
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