Colinton Mains Park: Regeneration

19 November 2010 - the CEC News Centre published the following:

Park improvements are child's play as new park facilities open

Three city parks are set to get new and improved play facilities.

Colinton Mains Park will get a new play area for 3 to 12 year olds featuring new swings, roundabout, multi play roller coaster, slides and nets.

Local teenagers will now have a place of their own to meet up and play sports. The teenage area also features a 7 metre wide goal end, incorporating a football goal flanked on either side which can also be used for basketball. There is also a seating unit for teenagers - to provide a spot to gather with friends.

The City of Edinburgh Council provided funding of around £67,000. This was backed up by Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN) funding of around £40,000.

September 2010: Footbridge Replaced

The foobridge was replaced on the 14th of that month, and the disabled access on the park side upgraded.

The City of Edinburgh's Open Space Strategy was also approved this month. The Strategy sets standards for different types of open space, estimates the needs for certain types of open space and proposes sites which could help address those needs.  Colinton Mains Park is included within the Pentlands NP Open Space Action Plan where the proposed action is to raise the Park Quality Assessment (PQA) grade from poor to good. The timescale for this action is 2010-2020 with the City of Edinburgh providing £140,000 to fund the work.

October 2009: Refurbishment Update

Colinton Mains Park has undergone significant refurbishment over the last three years with the installation of a new drainage system, sports pitch construction and path ways. At the moment we have two full size football pitches, two junior football pitches and one junior rugby pitch.

Recent surface drainage improvements to the sports areas in the form of sand slits have now been completed and the installation of additional underground drainage work is to commence in the immediate future. It is envisaged that this additional work will assist in the pitches being available for use more often.

Future developments for this park are planned and include new litter bins, new seats and signs and new lighting from Oxgangs Road North to the Dunedin Canmore development. There are also plans underway to install new teen and toddlers play equipment and further landscape enhancements during the next year.

In addition, the Council has taken the decision to reinstate the pathway in the park on a permanent basis and work is currently underway to align this with the other improvements listed above. In the interim, a temporary pathway will be installed to provide continued public access across the park.

The completion of these works will provide the residents of Oxgangs/Firrhill with a fantastic community park.

City of Edinburgh Council 25 June 2009 - Report to advise the Council of the views of the Pentlands Neighbourhood Partnership on the Colinton Mains Park and Pavilion project.



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