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Firrhill Community Council's district is in the south-west area of the city sitting between Fairmilehead and Colinton within the new electoral Ward 08.  It is a mainly residential suburb of the city and is comprised of four main areas, as can be seen from the diagram below:

The area is bisected from north to south by Oxgangs Road North.  Colinton Mains sits in the northwest quadrant with Oxgangs Farm and Dreghorn to the south. Oxgangs forms most of the east side of the area with Firrhill, Greenlaw Hedge / Rigg, Caerketton and Stark's Cottages and Easter Haugh to the north and Caiystane to the south.

There are anomalies - Oxgangs Terrace is in the middle of Colinton Mains on the southwest side of Colinton Mains Drive and the newly named road 'Spruce Gait' will sit between Firrhill and Oxgangs, once it is constructed.

The main transport routes are Oxgangs Road North with Colinton Mains Drive in a north-south direction. East-west it is Oxgangs Avenue and Redford Road, which lies between Oxgangs Farm and Dreghorn.

The main parkland within the area, Colinton Mains Park lies in the centre bordered by Colinton Mains, Oxgangs and Firrhill. Other major parks within the surrounding districts include Fairmilehead Public Park and Braidburn Valley.

Most of the area's schools lie to the north with only Comiston Primary School to the southeast.

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Post code for the area:    EH13

Telephone Dialling code:    0131 (441, 445, 477)

Latitude:    55.9188 degrees North

Longitude:    3.2318 degrees West

National Grid Reference:    NT 230 695

Source: Gazetteer for Scotland[http://www.geo.ed.ac.uk/scotgaz/features/featuredetails8544.html]

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Street Locations:    This links to maps of the streets within the area as well as offering an option to find driving directions to and from any destination within the UK.

Streets Explained:    This links to information on the way that the streets work within the area, such as giving the first and last house numbers within a particular street.  It is hoped that this information will be expanded to include as much local information as possible, such as information on parking, etc.

Demographics:    This link provides information, gathered by the National Statistics Office on the population of the Firrhill Ward.

Place Names:    This link provides meanings of local place names.

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